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A Guide to Hiring a Crane

By   26/02/2017

Many types of machinery are needed when you want to get something done, and one very useful thing is a crane. They are available in different sizes and capacities and models that are built in order to handle many types of tasks. If you need something lifted or moved hiring a reputable company is important and Canberra based crane hire company Rig It Up are experts in their field and can help you complete the work.

What is a crane?crane

A crane is a large vehicle/machine that is capable of lifting many time move than its weight. It uses steel cables, pullies, and a counterweight in order to lift heavy objects and move them with precision. You will see ones that are stationary, mobile and models that can operate on land and sea. If you need to hire one for a project whether small or big, you will have to rent one from a company that can help you complete the project.

How to identify a reliable crane hire company

There are many factors that will determine a company that you can rely on; however, you will have to spend some time doing research so that you can find the right one for the task.


A company that rents such machinery must have the proper permits and registrations in place if they wish to operate a business. Any business that owns a second-hand old crane cannot be considered as reliable. Having proper maintenance and safety measures in place will be essential as operating such machinery is a responsible job.

Well maintained and serviced cranes

A company that rents such machines must have measures in place to maintain and service the equipment on a regular basis. Like any machine, even these can get worn and break. Therefore, it is crucial that a rental company keeps them in good repair so that they can offer reliable services. It is best if you rent one from a company that has newer models as older ones may have deteriorated and have safety risks.

craneTrained operators

Operating one of these huge cranes takes a lot of experience and knowledge. A small mistake can cost lives and cause harm to property and people. Therefore, any operator who sits behind the levers and pullies of a crane must know what he is doing and have proper certification and training to handle it correctly.


When you want to rent a crane, spend some time looking for the right company, and you will have a smooth operation.