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Ideas on Home Interior Design

By   31/08/2017

If you love a beautiful home, you’ll be excited by amazing interior designs. You should invest in interior décor if you want to live in a home that has a touch of touch of class, beauty, and sophistication. Check out some interior design ideas on cutlerdc.com interior design company. Would you like to mesmerize your friends and neighbors every time they pay a visit? If yes, try these new ideas in your home.

Ideas on home interior design

Color schemeHome Interior Design

Do you want a total makeover for your home? Start with the simple step of coming up with a color scheme. Play with colors like royal blue, grass green, soft orange or lilac by assigning each to a different room depending on your taste and preference. Additionally, you can implement the 50/150 rule whereby you mix one lot of paint that is 50% lighter from the base while another one 150% darker.


Invest in art and beautiful statement pictures. Use your antiques in various places of the house such as the utilitarian, kitchen, and hallway.

Add height to your rooms

Do you know that you can add height to your home by having low furniture in your rooms? Invest in small living room furniture and seats that add height to your rooms. Also, adopt large mirrors in various parts of the house to add scale to your rooms.


Give your window trims a splash of color. You can paint your windows depending on your taste and choice of the best color. The list of colors you can choose from is innumerable; be wise and smart in your choice to avoid color clashing.

Pimp the sofas

Do not skip to makeover your seats because of messy kids around. Get that designer fabric for your sofas; invest in that comfortable, well-made sofa that you will always want to take a long rest on.

Intensify neutrals with texture

Add beauty to your neutral décor by including a variety of materials. You can vary them from fine gauge and open-weave linen to taffeta or raw silk. Other materials you can play with include distressed velvet or cotton velvet among others.

Lightnice Home Interior Design

Add light to your rooms by playing with the paints. Make your rooms brighter even with small windows by getting advice from a professional interior designer.

Make use of waste materials

Add beauty to your garden by having flowers in waste bottles, lamps, broken pots and such other materials that you do not use in the house.