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Shipping containers – Some Facts To Know

By   04/05/2017

Opting to purchase a shipping container rather than renting is among the best decision you can make as a businessperson. Containers allow you to keep inventory, business records and other things that may be missing space in your premises. With your container, you are at liberty to do whatever you want with it. Before settling on where to buy online, you need to know that this is a costly investment and as such, you need to make careful considerations before making a purchase. Listed below are some factors to consider before buying a shipping container.

Container size

Containers come in varied sizes. The most common Shipping containerscontainer sizes are 40-foot and 20- foot. Your needs will influence the one you wish to settle for. As such, if you wish, to ferry bulky commodities the best option would be a 40-foot container. A 20-foot container would be most appropriate for small luggage. However, in case you are looking for portability, the 20-foot container is the most suitable option.


Quality is another important consideration when buying a shipping container. The following are container qualities you are likely to come across. One-trip container is one of the quality container types. This type comes in three primary colors green, grey, or tan. Their main advantage is that they are no easily dented and do not rust. Another quality type is cargo worthy containers. These are the best -quality containers. They are ideal for shipping. However, they are susceptible to shipping markings, dents, and rust. Other quality types include the as-is container, the wind, and watertight containers. You are at liberty to choose the one that pleases you most.

Mode of delivering the container

Offloading containers can be a costly endeavor. This is attributed to their bulky nature of good ferried by ship. However, if you have a backhoe, forklift, or a crane you are lucky, as this will save you the offloading cost. When it comes to transportation, you do not need to worry as manufacturers usually bear the burden. They will arrange for transportation from an empty container to your desired destination.


Shipping containersApparently, with continuous use, you may notice signs of wear and tear. You should not wait until these results to complete deterioration. Containers are mainly made up of stain, which is prone to rust. To conceal this, have your container painted as soon as rust starts to appear. That way, you extend the lifespan of your container.


Containers are made in a way that makes it is hard to break in. The doors have levers while the container is assembled using cornet steel. You only need a quality padlock to secure your belongings. In case you have, your container kept in unmonitored or remote places; it is prudent to add a metal box to safeguard your padlock.