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The bow sight is the device that is attached to your bow’s riser. The bow sight helps you to aim the arrow more accurately. It also helps tell you where your arrow is pointed when you’re aiming at something. It is possible to aim and shoot your bow without using an aiming aid, but doing so is tough. Almost all modern bows are provided with some aiming aid. When a bow sight is used in conjunction with a kisser-button or a peep sight and good arrow rest, you can shoot arrows accurately even if you’re a novice. Some bow sights are simple while others can be complex and have a lot of features. An example of a simple bow sight is a 3-pin fiber-optic composite sight. This simple add-on has twin pin tracks and a Lexan, pin guard.

The Best Bow Sights Reviews

How they work

For elevation adjustments on this type of bow sight, Bow Sightsthe pins can be positioned down or up in its track. For wind-age adjustments, you can screw the pins in or out of the sight’s mounting bracket. This simple add-on is best for novices because it is not difficult to adjust, very functional, and sufficient for most recreational or hunting applications. This type of sight usually costs few bucks. There are also complex one with additional features such as a machined aluminum and composite bow hunting sight that offers gang-adjustments for elevation and wind-age.


Sophisticated sights also include many features such as vertical pin technology, more fiber-optics, an anti-vibration device, subliminal aiming ring, graduated scales, camouflage finish, pin lights, “no-tools” cam adjusters, 3rd axis adjustments, and tapped and drilled quiver mount, and more. Sophisticated sights are loaded with a lot of premium features, but that also makes them a lot more expensive than simple sights.

How to pick the best

Bow SightsIf you want a bow sight for basic hunting purposes, then you don’t need expensive, complex sights. However, if you plan to use your bow in a rugged field, you don’t want to use a very basic, plastic bow sight. A machined aluminum sight with easy adjustability and good fiber optics is enough for any hunting situation in the field.

Most hunters choose popular “mid-grade” sights that have some useful premium features. If you plan to enter 3D competition or want a more specialized sight for hunting, then go for a more deluxe sight. Just take your time and read reviews from other buyers to make the best purchase.


In conclusion, apart from bow sights for hunting, there are other different options available for the hunter. It’s important to understand what they’re used for, how they work, and the best option for each type of hunting.