Southwest Portland Fuchsia Club was established February 13, 2001. Our purpose is to encourage and promote the propagation, growth and culture of the Fuchsia.

Often, when Fuchsias are mentioned, our minds go to the beautiful, full hanging baskets dripping with blossoms that remind us of dainty ballerinas. That is a true picture, however, we would like to acquaint you with many other varieties, such as Uprights, Hardies in ground planting, Species, Encliandras and Triphyllas. Fuchsias are a great addition to any garden, deck or patio.

Growing and caring for Fuchsias is one of life's simple pleasures. We are a group of friendly folk who grow Fuchsias for fun, enjoyment and relaxation. Come and join us in the ongoing learning process of bringing out the best of your Fuchsias.